Cost Management

ASP is heavily involved in the area of cost containment.  For over a decade, ASP has been instrumental in redesigning benefit plans and the manner in which benefits are delivered. ASP has developed integrated relationships with vendors to provide services to contain costs.

Examples include:

  • Joint Claims Administration with BC/BS
  • HMO with Aetna
  • PPO Arrangements
    • LabCorp
    • Quest
    • Dental (Louis P. Mattucci and Associates/United Concordia)
    • Health Care Solutions Company for Radiology and Diabetic Supplies
  • Quest Wellness Programs
  • Healthcare Strategy Disease Management
  • Teledoc (Telemedicine)
  • Zelis
    • Claim editing
    • Out of Network fee negotiations
    • Electronic Payments
  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager
    • Express Scripts
    • Capital Rx