Additional Administrative Services


ASP offers a variety of additional services to compliment our core offerings or fulfill specific needs of our customers.

  • IT Services

    Technology is the key to how ASP can deliver our services confidently, quickly, and at reasonable rates.
    ASP offers a variety of IT services from secure medical record and claims processing to website and portal hosting. ASP services are delivered from entry to web access in real-time.
    ASP’s IT systems are strictly HIPAA compliant and conform to the most stringent internal controls and security measures, rigorously subjected to independent audits. ASP uses fully redundant, locally housed hardware to maintain secure access. Continually replicated off-site data duplication ensures data integrity with minimal down time.
    • Web site hosting and secured member portal
      ASP can host a dedicated web site for the Funds upon which members could access all Plan Documents and general information. In addition, members who register and receive a log-on ID and password, will be able to access their contributory history of covered employment, medical, dental and prescription drug claims as well as up-to-the-minute pension benefit accrual and benefit options. 
  • Prescription Drug Quarterly Explanation of Benefits Statement

    A detailed listing of a participant’s prescription drug claims, indicating the patient, prescription drug, pharmacy, retail cost and participant copay could be prepared and sent to the member on a quarterly basis. This document shows the retail cost, as opposed to the ingredient cost charged to the Fund, such that the value of having the benefit can be easily measured (i.e., the difference between the retail cost and the participant copay). These quarterly Explanation of Benefits Statements can be prepared and mailed for a cost of $1.50 per employee per quarter.
  • Prescription Drug Prospective Audit

    reimbursement is made to CVS Caremark, the prescription drug claims could be automatically reviewed to verify eligibility, indicate possible coordination of benefits, adherence to contractual terms, identify potential duplicates and similar edits. This service is available at the rate of $.06 per prescription drug claim.
    • Clinical and Potential Fraud Prospective Audit of Medical Claims
      ASP has partnered with Premier Health Care Exchange, Inc., a firm that specializes in reviewing claims for clinical appropriateness and identifying potential provider fraud from a claims database containing millions and millions of medical claims. PHX’s fee is contingent, and is based upon a percentage ofactual dollars saved (not potentially to be saved) by the client. Because use of PHX’s services involves specific extracts and file transmission from ASP to PHX, the fee for the utilization of this service if $200 per month in addition to PHX’s contingent fee.
    • Positive Pay
      Assuming the Funds’ banking institution offers this product, ASP could generate a specific file after each check run to be sent to the Fund’s banking institution. The file contains the date of check, check number and check amount. This information is loaded into the bank’s database and, before any check is permitted to clear and charged against the Fund’s account, it must match the information on the positive pay database. This prevents the Fund from being charged for a forged check, and avoids the lengthy and administratively burdensome process of recovering monies erroneously charged against the Fund’s accounts by reason of fraud. ASP’s fee for generating the files and transmitting those files to the Funds’ bank would be $50 for each check run in addition to whatever fees the Fund’s banking institution may charge for such service.
    • Verification of Retiree Database
      At present, the Hagerstown Motor Carriers and Teamsters Pension Plan provides monthly benefits to approximately 1,050 retirees with and annual outlay in excess of $15 Million. This service involves comparing the database of retirees receiving benefit payments against various databases of the Social Security Administration and vital statistical databases of states containing death information. This ensures that those presently receiving benefits are, in fact, alive. The service would be utilized every 60 days (i.e., six times per year) at a yearly cost of $3,600.
    • Payroll Audit Services
      Although the Funds may already employ an outside service to conduct payroll audits, ASP is prepared to provide that service using its in-house staff